5d full glue roar glass - iphone xs max 6,5" черен

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Аксесоар предлаган от TopMag. ВНИМАНИЕ! Поради техническа грешка повечето описания на продукти не могат да бъдат визуализирани на български език. Работим върху отстраняването на проблема. Съжаляваме за причиненото неудобство.

5D Roar Glass is a high quality premium tempered glass. Glue on the entire surface makes it adhere perfectly to the screen, ensuring perfect image clarity and 100% touch properties. The high 9H hardness index provides advanced protection for the device screen against scratches and damages. Excellent quality glass makes the image retain natural colors while masking the scratches on the screen. The oleophobic coating provides resistance to fat and fingerprints. The glass is strong and durable. Thanks to the 0.3mm thickness, it does not thicken the phone, allowing it to maintain its natural shape. It has slightly rounded edges, which increase the comfort of work and eliminate the risk of accidentally catching with a sharp edge of glass. After sticking the phone retains 100% of the touch properties. Thanks to the attached set for self-fixing, it perfectly adheres to the screen, leaving no air bubbles. Glue-free formula makes that the glass does not leave any traces after unsticking. Properties: Glue: On the whole surface Thickness: 0.3mm Material: Asashi Glass Protection level: Perfect thanks to the carving process* Appearance: Available also transparent and color version Included: - glass foil - degreasing screen cloth - dust removal cloth ___ * Carving process consists in precisely molding the glass while reducing its thickness from 0.7 to 0.33mm. The glass is not only perfectly matched to the shape of the phone, it also protects the edges and strengthens the screen.

5d full glue roar glass - iphone xs max 6,5" черен

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