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Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro - 3mk HardGlass ™ - TopMag

Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro - 3mk HardGlass ™

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HardGlass ™ has a hardness of 9H.

This is the highest protection against scratches. Even sharp objects like a knife or keys are no longer a threat.

The highest quality of finish and durability.

HardGlass ™ is due to several hours of hardening at 420 ° C.

Comfortable use thanks to rounded edges made in 2.5D technology.

The improved production process and the thickness of 0.3 mm reinforce the impact protection.

Exemplary color transmission

Yes, it is true - HardGlass ™ has a multi-layer construction. The challenge was to ensure that all layers were adequately transparent. We took up the gauntlet. The selection of the highest quality coating components guarantees perfect reproduction of the colors displayed on the screen.

The new oleophobic layer in HardGlass ™ gives an even better tactile experience.

Do you want to be sure that the toughened glass will not affect the smoothness of the touch? An oleophobic coating will take care of that. It will provide a perfect glide, and you will not feel the difference between using a smartphone with glass and without it! The oleophobic layer also helps keep the screen clean.

The coating has greater displacement of greasy stains, acids and other corrosive substances, which makes it easier to remove them from the glass surface.

The perfect reproduction of the displayed colors is due to the perfectly clear, multi-layer structure of HardGlass ™ glass.

It does not discolor, thanks to the property that remains unchanged throughout the period of use.

Facilitated assembly and perfect touch sensitivity right up to the edges made possible by the use of non-sticky Inviscid-Sil ™.

Full screen responsiveness

Delayed screen response time to finger touch? There is no such possibility, we took care of it! The glass adheres so perfectly that there is no question of distortions and delays. Every finger movement on the screen takes place in real time! Simply full screen responsiveness!

In HardGlass ™, its density and adhesion properties have been further increased, which reduces any micro-interference between the glass layer and the screen.

Possible reassembly and disassembly was facilitated by the layer protecting the top side of the glass.

In addition, it keeps them intact during transport and storage.

The HardGlass ™ manufacturing process is compliant and environmentally friendly.

The components used for the production of glass come from Japanese suppliers.

Set contains 1 piece. HardGlass ™ (front), lint-free cloth, damp cloth, Anti-Bubble Card ™, Fit-In ™ positioning tabs, Dust-Fix ™ tabs.
Type of security Tempered glass
Scratch resistance (hardness) 9H (Wolf-Wilburn hardness as defined by ASTM D 3363)
Hardening temperature 420 ° C
Thickness 0.3 mm
Technologies used 2.5D rounded edges, oleophobic coating, Inviscid-Sil ™ adhesive, Anti-Crash film layer, Fit-In ™ positioning sheets, Dust-Fix ™ sheets
Guarantee 6 months