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Apple iPhone 14 - 3mk HardGlass Max ™ - TopMag

Apple iPhone 14 - 3mk HardGlass Max ™

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Toughened full screen tempered glass.

HardGlass Max ™ provides the highest possible scratch resistance.

Tempered glass has many advantages, but for users, extreme protection is paramount! We have achieved the maximum: a hardness of 9H has been combined with an extended hardening process and reinforced edges. As a result, you get a protective glass with increased durability!

High strength, finish and outstanding protective properties are due to hardening.

Glass is subjected to its strengthening effects for many hours at a temperature of up to 420 ° C.

Perfect coverage of the rounded edges of the screen is already possible thanks to HardGlass Max ™.

This is a novelty among toughened glasses that cover only the flat part of the screen.
Classic lenses only protect the front panel of the phone, forgetting about the rounded edges. This is a good, budget solution, but for demanding users we recommend glass in the Max version. Only the maximum coverage of the display surface guarantees maximum protection of the device.

Reinforced edges.

Combined with a thickness of 0.3 mm, they provide additional impact protection.

Smooth and pleasant glide of the HardGlass Max ™ finger is due to an additional oleophobic coating.

It reduces friction to a minimum, making every touch of the screen surface a pleasure. Its increased buoyancy against greasy marks and stains makes it easier to keep the glass clean.

The perfect reproduction of the displayed image is possible thanks to the use of a crystal structure of the glass.

Each of its layers is selected in terms of clarity so as to ensure the highest quality of colors and sharpness, without affecting the originally displayed image.

Immediate response of the screen with every touch of a finger.

Both with dynamic game and lazy browsing the news.

Easy and precise glass assembly thanks to Inviscid-Sil ™.

The Inviscid-Sil ™ adhesive prevents the formation of air bubbles and facilitates their possible ejection.
Depending on the phone, HardGlass Max ™ has three variants of gluing. Details can be found on the page with the offer for your phone model.

HardGlass Max ™ is safe for the environment.

The RoHS certificate confirms the production of glass in accordance with environmental protection standards.

Set contains HardGlass Max ™ (front), Anti-Bubble Card ™, damp cloth, dry cloth
Type of security Tempered glass
Scratch resistance (hardness) 9H (Wolf-Wilburn hardness as defined by ASTM D 3363)
Hardening temperature 420 ° C
Thickness 0.3 mm
Technologies used toughened, reinforced edges, Inviscid-Sil ™ adhesive, Anti-Crash film, olephobic coating.
Guarantee 6 months
Compatibility HardGlass Max ™ may not be compatible with accessories from other manufacturers