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Apple iPhone 14 Plus - 3mk NeoGlass ™ - TopMag

Apple iPhone 14 Plus - 3mk NeoGlass ™

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Shatterproof glass to protect the entire screen.

Tired of breaking glasses?

NeoGlass ™ does not break into many sharp pieces when dropped. No more jagged edges and cracks that obstruct using your phone.

Increased impact resistance

You know composite glass from car headlights. Polycarbonate - made of bulletproof glass. The combination of such durable components is the secret of NeoGlass ™ protective properties. It not only absorbs the impact energy, but also strengthens the screen up to 350%. Extra Bonus? It does not break.

Reinforced edges

Did you know that edge chipping is the most common reason for replacing a display protector? Chipped edges weaken the protective potential of the glass, and the filings can severely injure your hands. When designing NeoGlass ™, we strengthened the edges. They're super durable now and won't crumble!

Virtually imperceptible

Durability is key, but we haven't forgotten the details. NeoGlass ™ is much cooler to the touch than other protective lenses. Why? Because we wanted it to imitate as perfectly as possible the feeling you experience when you slide your finger across the glass display. Managed to?

Are you looking for a product that will cover the entire display?

It will protect the entire front panel of your phone. Perfectly smooth edges will make you forget about it.

Protect your phone from scratches

NeoGlass ™ has a scratch resistance of 8H. Effectively protects your phone against scratches.

Easy and quick assembly.

The set includes accessories that will facilitate assembly.
With our accessory kit, assembly takes place in less than 2 minutes!


Type of security Protective glass
Screen enhancement 3.5
Thickness 0.3 mm
Guarantee 12 months
Set contains 3mk NeoGlass ™ - 1pc, Anti-Bubble Card, Set of cleaning cloths