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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max - 3mk Clear Case - TopMag

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max - 3mk Clear Case

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3mk ClearCase Improved shock and drop resistance This case is extremely impact and shock resistant - it has Absorber125 ™ class of shock absorption. Advanced tests showed that even after 26 drops from a height of 125 cm, the phone with the ClearCase case did not have any dents, scratches or cracks! Effective protection against scratches and abrasion High-quality polymers, TPU material and enrichment of the product with Anti-Crash anti-impact foil make the hardness of the case at the highest level of 9H! On the other hand, the product is only 1.2 mm thick, therefore your device will retain its unique design. Safety and comfort at the same time Flexible material means that ClearCase does not slip out of the hand and adheres perfectly to the phone. With the help of additional reinforcement, the case will protect the protruding lens. Use the functionality of your smartphone without any problems, taking beautiful photos, using Wi-Fi or wireless charging!