Roar glass airframe cover - iphone xs plus черен

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Аксесоар предлаган от TopMag. ВНИМАНИЕ! Поради техническа грешка повечето описания на продукти не могат да бъдат визуализирани на български език. Работим върху отстраняването на проблема. Съжаляваме за причиненото неудобство.

Glass Airframe Cover is a new case from Roar. Has an extremely durable glass surface which emphasizes the original design of the phone. Solid, 0.5mm tempered glass wall protects the phone from damage and scratches and makes them shock proof. At the same time, thanks to its perfect transparency, emphasizes the natural look of the device. Colorful airframe, made of soft TPU, not only protects the edges of the phone, but also provides a discreet addition, thanks to which you can change the nature of the device whenever you want. The frame has cutouts for system inputs. Case is available in few colours version.

Roar glass airframe cover - iphone xs plus черен

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